The Blue Pool

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Blue Pool, Furzebrook Road, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 5AR


The Blue Pool nature reserve and tearooms is open all year round to welcome visitors to experience the calm and tranquillity of the blue pool and surrounding Site of Special Scientific Interest. It forms part of the Furzebrook Estate which traces its history back nearly 400 years. Famous for the blue colour of the historic clay pit (caused by light diffracting from minuscule particles of clay suspended in its still depths), The Blue Pool offers a walking route, tearooms, play area and places to relax, centred around the pool.

Established in 1935, the Tearooms opened their doors to the public nearly 100 years ago! A collection of beautiful old buildings packed with art deco/art nouveau charm and set under a Canadian cedar shingle roof.

The reserve represents a fragile environment which was recognised for its uniqueness and received protection from exploitation well before global ecological damage became a public concern.

A true gem in the heart of the beautiful Isle of Purbeck.

We look forward to seeing you!

For more information, visit The Blue Pool

For information about the 22 hectare ‘Norden Reserve’ located nearby, owned by the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust, and accessible by footpaths from the car park, visit Norden Reserve

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