Purbeck Heaths Promise:

to love the heaths

Purbeck Heaths Credit: Middlebere Heath, Jon Bish reeds

Help us maintain and improve this amazing landscape by committing to these simple promises:

I promise to Love the Heaths!

I promise to stay on the footpaths and cycle tracks

I understand this is a complex landscape where some species need bare ground (like the sand lizards) and others need protection from trampling and disturbance

Purbeck Heaths Credit: Alex_Hyde_Backfromthebrink_Flickr

I plan to take my litter home

I understand this is a rural landscape and I may not find a bin on my explorations.

I promise never to have a fire or BBQ

I know it’s illegal (unless in a designated campsite area – check with your campsite). The types of plants that survive this harsh landscape also burn easily

I promise not to feed the pigs, ponies or cattle

I understand it can change their behaviour and make them poorly

Purbeck Heaths Credit: Mark Singleton_pigs

I promise to be considerate to others

People visit the Purbeck Heaths for all different reasons

Purbeck Heaths Credit: Alex_Hyde_Backfromthebrink_Flickr

I promise to create amazing memories

Learn about the unique landscape and enjoy the best of the local food and drink, without leaving more than footprints

I promise to keep my dogs on leads

I understand that many heathland bird species nest on the ground and my dog could scare these migrating birds away

Purbeck Heaths Credit: Neil Davidson Soundwalk on the Dunes Project-1